Leds are cheap, use them wisely.

I hate when a product is annoying because the manufacturer didn’t bother to think before building it; I have two external Hard Drives (on Firewire and one USB2). One is a Seagate the other is iomega. Both have pros/cons, mostly regarding size, speed, noise, etc., however, the iomega has a major flaw. The in-use led.
Why on earth would you asume that providing one strong blue led is enough to give feedback about what the disk is doing? And if you do that -that is, provide only one led- why on earth is always on? You may say to “indicate that the drive is powered on”; cool, now how about when the drive is actually reading or writting (something I really care to know).
The clever iomega team decided to use the same led and indicate disk activity by briefly turning the led off
On the other hand, Seagate did something much more complex and difficult. it provided two leds, one for power, one for activity. Silly them.



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